English as Second Language (ESL)

ESL students receives credits towards their Ontario Secondary School Diploma  (OSSD) upon successful completion of ESL with CEOC.

Levels of instruction includes:
Low Beginners/High Beginners (ESLAO)
Low Intermediate (ESLBO)
High Intermediate (ESLCO)
Low Advance (ESLDO)
High Advanced (ESLEO).

Student will learn:
1. Basic skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing;
2. General life in Canada, some skills about social and communication;
3. Academic knowledge of Canadian history and politics;
4. Academic writing on modern literature;
5. Classic literature and academic writing, presentation skills, etc.


Vocational Training

Our vocational certificate and diploma programs in trade, business, information technology and health care fields are in partnership with colleges in campuses located at Toronto, Mississauga, Scarborough, and Kitchener.

Students can obtain an employment contract when they enroll in our non-vocational programs and receive a job offer upon completion in at least one of the following provinces:

Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba or British Columbia.

We are committed to your academic and personal success and are pleased to offer students the support they require when working through concerns that may impact their success at the College. The dedicated staff is always available to assist you.

Career Guidance

With decades of experience, CEOC provides individualized guidance on the right choice of career to both students and the parents.

We ensure that you have all admission information, application process to all colleges and entrance examinations. Our workshops encourage interaction and increases the level of awareness and confidence in career counseling.

Our Career services includes resume writing, mock interviews, guidance on attending to cold calls, Networking, job fairs, negotiation of salary and work place integration.


High School

CEOC has partnered with various High Schools for you to register with.

The programs offers students with high level of personal and academic support to ensure that they have not only an academic success but also a memorable and enjoyable experience in Toronto.​

Our partners are:

Ontario International College

Toronto International College

Standford Academy

Colleges & Universities

For students and parents needs guidance and support in college and university admissions.  CEOC is associated with many private colleges to assist you in getting admission in the program of your choice.

We provide you support at each stage of your admission with detailed information on schools, programs, prerequisites, costs and application deadlines thus matching individual students to specific institutions of their interest.

Professional Development

CEOC Professional development programs provides educators to visit schools and colleges and spends a month to do job shadowing.

Exchange trips helps Canadian as well as international teachers to gain a global perspective and become aware of diverse cultures and educational methodologies.

Canadian Educational Opportunities Corporation 

Educational Tours

CEOC educational tours consists of both recreational as well as visits to educational institutions.  Students get individualized support with the guided tours.  From your travel, meals and sightseeing, we ensure that you get the best experience with a feeling of being at home.  

Our educators and counsellors provide you with information on international education, culture and diversity and current career trends.  We ensure to make your tours accessible and inclusive for as many students as possible.