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President, Dr. Xi-Ping Huang and CEO, Shirin Mandani attended the Imperial Ball presented by Rolex and Royal de Versailles in support of Chinese Cultural Center of Greater Toronto.

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Dr. Indira Kasala (CEOC Director of Indian Operations), facilitated meeting of Svetlana Obukhova, Regional Business Development Manger, Seneca College with Podar International school in Mumbai, India and with other Educationists in India.

CEOC Programs

* International student recruitments;

* Career counselling;

* English Language Programs;

* International student ex-change programs;

* Educational camps;

* Study and recreation tours;

*Vocational Skills training programs;

*Student consulting.


Dr. Xi-Ping Huang (Co-founder & President) part of the delegation to promote education between Canada and China.


CEOC provides educational, career solutions and skills training through career counselling, educational support and recruitment of international and local students who are interested to pursue their higher education.

If you're interested in post-secondary education, search Canadian universities, community colleges, career colleges, graduate schools and online degrees please contact us.

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Occupation-Specific Skill Training:

For newcomers and students on social assistance, we can help you if you have an interest in a specific occupation. Our services include job-specific skill training, practical work experience and one-on-one support.

​In collaboration with Standford College, we provide you with training to be:

Industrial Instrument Mechanic
Industrial Mechanic Millwright
Industrial Electrician
Pipe Fitter

​For further information, please contact : ​​

Follow up for our upcoming

Educational Fair

CEOC will shortly be announcing its international educational fair to bring students, service providers, educational agents and colleges on one platform.

If you are interested in participating, please email us to share information about your interest. ​​

* International Students Recruitment * Educational Tours * Student Exchange * Skills Training

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​​International Students:​

Canada welcomes millions of visitors each year. All visitors are required to have a valid passport and, depending on where you are from, how long you plan to stay, and the reason for your visit, you may be required to obtain a Visa prior to your entry to Canada.

International students coming for a study period of six months or longer are required to obtain a Study Permit prior to arrival.

Canada also requires a Temporary Resident Visa (TRVs) for visitors coming from a specified list of countries.

For more details about Canada’s Immigration policies, please refer to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website:​​